Taimen Fishing on the Eg and Ur River, Mongolia

Our outfitter’s permits are on the Eg River and the Ur River in north-central Mongolia. Both rivers are a fly fisherman's dream. They are clear and easy to wade – even the banks are easy walking – and range in size from 40 to 120 feet wide. It is hard to imagine that a fish as large as the Taimen can live in these waters. In fact, one of our largest Taimen yet, a 60-inch fish, was taken on a mouse pattern in a particularly narrow stretch of river after we watched it eat a duck.

Water conditions in Mongolia are generally quite stable. However, if the headwaters of our rivers do receive a heavy rain, off-color water conditions are possible. In the past, we have found that fishing is still possible in off -- color conditions and that the rivers generally clear quickly.

Fishing weeks will not be canceled; refunds will not be offered if muddy water conditions occur during the course of the season. Sweetwater Travel Company cannot be responsible for the water conditions during the fishing season. In the event of high water that causes a week to be re-scheduled, we will offer to reschedule you later in the season or next year.
  Mongolia taimen world record

For the record, in our 28 years of operation in Mongolia, we have only had to do this twice — once in 1998 and once in 2013

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