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Mongolia is a country that captures the attention of the fisherman and the non-fisherman alike. While our primary focus is on the Taimen fishing in Mongolia, our camps also offer great non fishing activities.

Each of our camps is staffed with a full time translator and guide that will accompany you on any non-fishing activity. They speak exceptional English, and, when they are not working at our camps, they spend their time as guides for Mongolia’s growing eco-tourism market.

From our camps, you can ride horses, hike, bird watch, visit local schools and villages, and visit local families that still live in the nomadic lifestyle. Both our camps are located near exceptional Buddhist ruins and ancient Mongolian burial grounds. Some of the burial grounds are over 1000 years old and, due to Mongolians’ deference to their history and tradition, remain completely undisturbed.

Mongolian horses are also available in both camps and can be ridden any day of your visit to our camp. The horses are generally very easy to ride, and they allow you to access the Mongolian backcountry within minutes of the camp.

Mongolia horse back riding     Taimen Fishing Mongolia Culture

Mongolia’s Buddhist tradition is very strong. At the lower camp, there is a rock the size of a house with Buddhist script carved into the entire rock. At the upper camp, there is the Dayan Derkh monastery which was re-built with support of our anglers in 2007. Both are about a half hour from camp and are a must see item on your visit to our camps.

We have often said that Mongolia’s people are every bit as special as its fishing. We encourage all anglers and non-anglers to take a day to visit a local village or school with one of our translators. We regularly visit the local schools and meet with the students learning English or visit a local family that lives in a “Ger” out on the Mongolian steppe. These visits are a highlight for many of our fishermen and non-fishermen alike.

If you are thinking about visiting our camps, but are not sure you want to fish every day, we will make sure that your non-fishing is both rewarding and interesting. Similarly, if you would like to spend the entire week exploring and not fishing, then the staff at camps will keep you busy and accompany you while you explore our part of Mongolia.

Sweetwater, and its outfitter Hovsgol Travel, also organize non-fishing itineraries for people both before and after the trip to Mongolia. Mongolia’s Gobi desert offers three/four/and five day trips that feature paleontology, geology, and wildlife. Additionally, if you would like to organize a city tour in UB or visit the ancient capital of Mongolia in Kharakhoram, we will set the itinerary up for you and incorporate it into your fishing itinerary.

  See Mongolia with Sweetwater Travel   Mongolia Eagle Festival Sweetwater Travel

In recent years, our anglers have enjoyed visiting the Eagle festival in the Altai Mountains. This festival is probably the most unique cultural festival in Mongolia with Kazakh eagle hunters bringing their birds to compete in hunting competitions. Our partner employs Kazakh guides who speak the Kazakh language and will insure that your experience is authentic and memorable.

Mongolia, in our opinion, is much more than a fishing trip. Whether you want to spend extra days exploring other parts of Mongolia or want to explore the non-fishing opportunities around our camp, we will accommodate you. Mongolia is a very special place, inhabited by very special people. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Please call us for more information on our non-fishing activities at 888.347.4286 or email